Eric's Collaborations with his wife Crystal


Eric & Crystal StevensEric & Crystal Stevens are CSA Farmers who share an intrinsic passion for art. Together, the husband and wife team manage La Vista CSA Farm on the beautiful bluffs of the Mighty Mississippi. They teach their children the beauty of the seed to table process and point out how each step becomes a composition, each moment a still life. Their art collaborations illustrate the inspiration sourced from the cycles and rhythms of the natural world, the seasons of the farm, and the quintessential beauty of nature.  
Together, they sow the seeds, transplant into the ground, cultivate the rows, harvest the bounty, educate the public to support local from art to food and everything in between.  They believe that growing food is an artistic expression. They strategically plant certain colors of crops in blocks so that by mid spring, their fields resemble patchwork quilts. When they are farming, the plants are their medium and the field is their canvas. Throughout the growing season, their surroundings supply them with a vast ongoing array of subject matter. From twisted carrots to dew droplets on the leaves, the farm provides endless inspiration. While Eric is busy cultivating the fields, Crystal documents the process through photojournalism and field journaling.

Woodcut on PillowsIn their free time, they collaborate on art that combines Eric’s unique wood block prints and Crystal’s delicate brush strokes or rustic textiles in a marriage of mediums.
Their collaborations have been featured at The Richmond Heights Art Walk, The Art of Food at the Webster House Galleries, The Rock N Roll Craft Show, Metro Bus Arts in Transit Program, St. Louis Earth Day, Tower Grove Farmers Market and the cover of The Healthy Planet for April 2013. November 2013 and April 2014.

They are co-illustrating a Children’s book by Kelley Powers titled Semore the Bird Tells All that he Heard



Semore the Bird