Eric Stevens

About Eric Stevens

Eric Stevens Illustation

Eric Stevens has spent most of his life near St. Louis, Missouri.  Eric’s primary medium is woodblock prints but also works in other forms of illustration such as traditional hand drawn architectural renderings, community murals, sign making and graphic design.  Stevens received his BFA at Fontbonne University in Clayton, Missouri in 2001.  His career as an organic farmer  and naturalist has been his inspiration for subject matter.

Eric Stevens Woodcut

Unlike traditional printmaking, Stevens process is Eco-conscious. Instead of oil-based inks he uses non-toxic water based ink. He seeks out reclaimed wood and tree-free paper.  Each print is pressed by hand burnishing  the entire surface with a small gourd as opposed to a large mechanical press making each print one of a kind.

Eric’s work has been featured on the side of a Metro Transit bus in St. Louis, the cover art for The Healthy Planet and has been commissioned to lead various community murals for the City of Richmond Heights.

Eric is married to Crystal Stevens, an artist, writer and photojournalist. Together, they manage La Vista CSA Farm. They have two children who love farm life and enjoy doing art.


Eric Stevens
Eric is available for custom design and commissioned projects.